The I AM Family in Uganda focuses on self-sustainable projects. We strive to utilize local resources. We currently have a 3 acre plot of land used for growing crops. We hope to one day purchase more land and expand our agriculture programs.


AGRICULTURE. Various crops and vegetable were grown on the 3 acres of land on our property in Maya. As a result, 60% of the food stuff consumed at the orphanage in 2010 was self-grown.

Three people were employed to undertake the agricultural production and teach our children better methods of crop growing and maintaining soil fertility. Among other methods the children were taught permaculture as the best natural method to maintain soil fertility.

Future Plans

– Buy 12 acres of land for agriculture
– Grow more crops including Vegetables and Maize corn.
– Buy a tractor to help prepare the land faster and be able to make timely preparations for the planting season.
– Startup animal grazing including goat and cattle rearing.

How you can help

Donate a Goat: You can help to make a big difference to lives of the abandoned children and needy families at the I AM Family home in Uganda. By donating just $75 you can provide A Goat milk that will help to support the orphans at I AM Family home in Uganda. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. Goat milk is easier to digest will give the children a sustainable source of protein rich food. So your $75 can make a real difference. Donate today and help to secure a better, brighter future for abandoned orphan children in Uganda.

We have targeted a piece of land for agriculture which will cost us $80,000 to buy. Your donations will make a big contribution to securing this land.

Please visit our donations page to make a contribution.