Building Project

Build a classroom


I am Family Ministries has been supporting over 1000 Vulnerable children and orphans since 1998 from all over Uganda with Education, food, clothing, safe water and healthcare.

For the past period there has been a gradual increase in the number of the vulnerable children in the rural urban and the rural areas due to the high standards of living that has led to an increase of poverty since most of the parents and guardians are peasant subsistence farmers, practice fishing, work in quarries, cyclist and other casual workers in Rwanjaba and Maya Community this has however led to an increase in child Labour, Child Neglect and child abuse.

We are going to establish a community school to create a safe environment where the children are nurtured into God fearing citizens and impact with general school knowledge and life skills that can help them and their families earn a living for a sustainable development and this is only possible through your generous support in this fundraising drive.

Other ways you can


Install drinking water $2,500

We try to ensure there is a clean drinking water supply at a school area where we build every class room. Many children especially in rural areas collect drinking water for the family from streams or waterhole which are also used by animals and which harbor mosquitoes. This leads to high incidence of water-borne diseases such as malaria, cholera and typhoid. In future we are also looking forward to construct new large water projects to benefit the community.

Build a dormitory $11,000

Contribute to build a school dormitory for girls, boys and trainees. Also which will accommodate the disable children and trainees, so they can have easy access to the school and medical facilities.

Build a health center $16,000

In the school area there is no good health center where kids will access medical facilities. Contribute to build a nice medical center which will benefit the school kids and the Maya community.

Fundraising for a school project

Raise some funds for us. You can join us in the campaign to build a school, organize an enjoyment event and raise for this very worthwhile cause from below;

» Coffee sales
» Friends & Family Dinner
» Football match
» Product sales (T-shirts, households, kitchen items & others)
» Wedding gifts
» Marathon & Mountain Climbing
» Hunting
» Lunch Party
» Bingo try singing
» Cyclist
» School shows

We promise you that we will ensure that every penny you donate will go to help provide a brighter future for the children of Uganda.