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I AM Family Ministries is a holistic care program that was initiated as a response to the overwhelming number of orphaned children and vulnerable women in Uganda whose lives had been devastated by Cholera outbreak and AIDS epidemic in 1999.

I AM Family Ministries exists to transform lives and communities through acts of compassion and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Founded in 1999 by the late Pr. Ponsiano Rwakatale and the late Pr. Susan K. Lwakatale. I Am Family Ministries continues to bring hope through access to education, leadership training, and healthcare; Christian discipleship; and through holistic care for children, women, and men in need. At the heart of our model for breaking cycles of poverty is educational sponsorship. With a university education, or a vocational equivalent, children in Uganda and Rwanda have hope for the future.

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A sack of 50 kilograms of maize and another of rice fed the Lwakatale family of 13 for a month. The father, Ponsiano Lwakatale, a pastor in Kampala, Uganda, took note of each grain.

When cholera swept the Lwakatales’ neighborhood in 1998, their youngest daughter, Omega, 8, began sneaking scoops of maize and rice to her friend whose father died from the disease.

At the end of the month, the Lwakatales were short of food and the father, discovering that Omega had been sneaking it out, was angry. As he was about to punish Omega, she said, “If you beat me for giving to the needy can you still be a pastor?”

Her words halted her father. “It was an eye-opener for him that there was so much bigger need outside our family,” Omega’s little question, and her father’s reaction, was the beginning of something that has become special -including an organization that helps orphans and widows in their Kampala community and a children’s choir that travels the world to raise awareness about the plight of underprivileged children in Africa and a church focused on changing the community for Christ nurturing God fearing leaders of tomorrow.

Today I AM Children’s Family serves all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.


We focus mainly on the education program because is the only tool which empowers our students in our community to break the poverty line. We support kindergarten level from the age of 3yrs-6yrs attending school for 3 years, Primary children from the age of 6yrs-11yrs attending school for 7years and Secondary students from the age of 12yrs-18yrs attending school for 6years, Tertiary students study for 1year certificate and University students diploma students study for 2 years and Bachelor study for 3years. Education is a gift that lasts forever.


Energy comes from a well fed child and also studying in class performance level academically adjust. We feed children and families who cannot afford three meals a day. On our center days which happen once a week children are feed two meals day. Also our children who go to school we provide two meals per day. In our community feeding program on quarterly basis we provide 100,000 meals to most needy families. Feed a child or a family to stop hunger, diseases and death.


One of the ways we fight poverty is by ensuring good health and providing a balance diet to our children under our care. Through our healthy program we provide medical support to our children and also we do medical outreaches in our community to save lives of many families who cannot afford medical bill. Save a life.


I AM Family Ministries is a Christian- based organization. We believe in one God. We believe in the Trinity. We believe within the nature of the one true God there are three co-equal, co-eternal, co-loving persons – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Our church called IAM FAMILY CHURCH natures our children and community spiritually to be God fearing generation and living to love one another through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Build the Kingdom God through supporting our church ministry.


I AM Family supports women and youths in the society by giving them access to equal opportunities such as education, jobs and health care, that everyone benefits. Infant mortality rate goes down, more children stay in school, incomes increase and the cycle of poverty can be broken. Financial well-being project will enhance their businesses into a sustainable business so that they can be able to improve on the wellbeing of their family and create a society where we are helping the community to address their needs. Skills activities to be acquired; Farming and livestock skills, Film making and Media skills, Art and Craft skills, Music and Sound skills, Hair dressing skills, Catering skills, Sports and Games Skills, we create champions Writing and Reading skills, Entrepreneurship skills, Technology and Mechanics skills. Transforming lives for a better community.

Today IAM Family Ministries serves all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.