Women of Action



Women cover the highest population in Uganda and they are the most vulnerable in Uganda since they face so many issues like poverty, diseases, the young girls drop out of school due to unwanted pregnancy, domestic violence, do not own property, children are abandoned to their mothers among others, but with all these challenges they have strived to work hard in the informal sector such as market vendors, farming, cooking and making sacks among others that can help them provide a meal for their children and struggle to take them to school and cater for their medication through their hard work.

IAM WOMEN OF ACT supports women in society and giving them access to equal opportunities such as an education, jobs and health care, everyone benefits. Infant mortality rate go down, more children stay in school, incomes increase and the cycle of poverty can be broken. I AM women of act project will enhance their businesses into a sustainable business so that they can be able to improve on the wellbeing of their family and create a society where we are helping the community to address their needs.


Empower communities, Develop Talent and Create opportunities


1. To improve on the livelihoods of these women and their families
2. To create a model of hardworking women to empower others
3. Providing access to education on literacy rights and life skills
4. Providing alternative income generation skills workshops
5. Providing additional educational support to young girls in local schools


• Adult Education
• Sustainability projects
• Health Care program
• Counseling
• Music and Dance
• Life-skills program
• Saving program.

How it


I AM will be able to involve all the women in the community that are interested  in learning different skills and developing their business through an intensive assessment and they will all be given a start-up capital that can help them sustain their businesses on a small interest rate that would have to be paid at a given period of time, they will be required to form a circle so that they can save their money on a daily basic and will also be trained on how to balance their business with family , record keeping, trying out some side businesses and much more. So as they can be a model for the other women in the market.

How you can



We invite professional tutors and volunteers well equipped with skills in the various projects to join us for this cause to transform the lives of the women in our communities.


We welcome both financial donations and equipment donations such as sewing machines, art and crafts raw materials such beads, leather, among others. $150 Will support a woman to improve and grow her business. Our goal is to support the women by boosting their existing small businesses to help them generate more income to support their families.