Gift Shop

Christmas Dinner $ 20

A special dinner will be prepared and served to the children. Thank you for bringing joy into your child's home and family!

food bundle $ 50

A gift of nutritious food helps a family survive a difficult time. This food bundle includes a 10kg bag of rice, beans and cooking oil.

Toy $ 25

There aren't many things that will bring a smile to a child's face. A toy car, a soccer ball, a sweet doll or some art supplies may be just the thing for your special boy or girl.

Bible $ 25

At the heart of every one of our ministries is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. By giving a Bible, you give a child and his or her family the Living Word of God upon which they can build their future.

Hygiene Bundle $ 25

Washing and bathing soap, towel, toothpaste, basin, bucket, and jerrycan.

2 Goats $ 110

A breeding pair of goats is the first step toward a family building a sustainable food supply and income stream.

Clothes & Shoes $ 50

Dresses and shoes for girls. Shirts, pants and shoes for boys.

2 Chickens $ 25

For families with very little land or resources, raising chickens is a great source of food and income.

Mattress & Bed pack $ 60

Provide a good night's sleep year-round.

School Supplies $ 75

School uniform, backpack, and shoes

Cash Gift $ 100

Your cash donation allows children or their families to address their most pressing needs.