Howdy from Kampala!

If you really want to connect with your sponsored child and his or her family, there’s only one way to do it – You need to plan a visit… Yes, I know planning a trip to Uganda or Rwanda is no small feat, but it is doable, and our Family here are great hosts! In […]

Family news from Uganda

Dear Family, Life in Uganda is difficult. From the American side, we can only begin to imagine… Into that difficulty, complicated by the challenges of disease – Cholera, HIV, and others – stepped Pastor and Mrs. Ponsiano Lwakatale. You know the story – they began by feeding local children, and from that grew I AM […]

Ugandan Schools reopen

Dear Family, By now, you have heard the news – schools in Uganda have officially reopened after the longest COVID-19 related shutdown in the world. It’s unusual for Ugandan schools to be featured in our local American newspapers, but these are unusual times with unique, challenging circumstances. Click here to read the article about Kampala […]

Merry Christmas from I AM Family Ministries!

Merry Christmas from I AM Family Ministries – our staff, volunteers, and the children! Christmas is a special time each year all around the world, and we pray that you and your family are enjoying quality time together, and with Jesus. Here in Kampala, your I AM Family Ministries family is celebrating too! Thank you […]

Christmas Gifts for our kids, and more!

Welcome to a joy-filled holiday season! We resend this note this afternoon after resolving one typographical error found in it, and after getting some mysterious DNS errors resolved, which were preventing all of us from accessing important pieces of I AM Family’s website. Technology is a wonderful thing, when it works. With that, may the […]

Continuing God’s work through COVID-19

It’s always so good to get to connect with the Family.   No doubt you’ve been seeing the headlines – Afghanistan, Haiti, wildfires and COVID-19 everywhere – there’s a lot going on that could be just plain discouraging, including challenges here in Uganda.   But none of this surprises our God, and as we’ve all seen before, […]